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Wego is a premium service that connects you with a delivery boy who uses his own bike for purchases, procedures or shipments that you do not have time to do.

Everything is delivered to the door of your house or office: buy products that do not arrive in your area, request products that do not have deliveries, ask for what you want ... food, products, pharmacy, packages or withdrawals, supermarkets ... formalities! Avoid long lines ... get whatever you want from your city within minutes.

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This is How We Started: Product Design

We created an MVP to get into the market as soon as possible and validate the idea. Our main goal was to prove that customers would place orders and then improve the product with investment and incubation.


  • The initial MVP project was developed in 1 month.
  • The project is in the phase of "Early Stage" generating orders and sales. We are looking for investors to raise capital and move towards a phase 2 and improve the technology involved.
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About us

We are a Creative Digital Agency located in Rosario, Argentina

NextDots is a technology services company that specializes in the design and development of mobile applications, software outsourcing, testing, maintenance and IT staffing enhancement solutions.

After having executed more than 80 apps development projects, ND employs only the best IT market talents to build integral and innovative products for its clients.

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