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HipCam is the first Wi-Fi camera designed for penetration in the mass market, which allows a simpler configuration, fast and friendly, touch screen, on-board detections and streaming in any network condition.

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This is How We Started

The client tells us that the iOS application doesn’t look good, and he doesn’t like the design either. Their customers complain and say that the application looks unfinished. Our work includes a total redesign of the UI / UX.

The Results

  • The Android and iOS Applications were redesign.
  • A new design was created and new functionalities were added.
  • The application has better acceptance among its clients and was presented by the founders in multiple events.
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About us

We are a Creative Digital Agency located in Rosario, Argentina

NextDots is a technology services company that specializes in the design and development of mobile applications, software outsourcing, testing, maintenance and IT staffing enhancement solutions.

After having executed more than 80 apps development projects, ND employs only the best IT market talents to build integral and innovative products for its clients.

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