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With Doquia a doctor can assist you within minutes! It helps you to find the on-call medical center closer to your location according to coverage. It has alerts to the community with the real-time status of the medical centers so that the user can choose where to go.

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Medical guard
in minutes

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This is How We Started: Product Design

The client came with an idea in mind. We started the project from scratch with a first consultancy phase: Product Design. We define together an MVP to start with a first stage and leave the market as soon as possible to validate the product.


  • The project was developed in 4 months
  • The client has all the material to develop the product, get investors and validate the market
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We are a Creative Digital Agency located in Rosario, Argentina

NextDots is a technology services company that specializes in the design and development of mobile applications, software outsourcing, testing, maintenance and IT staffing enhancement solutions.

After having executed more than 80 apps development projects, ND employs only the best IT market talents to build integral and innovative products for its clients.

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